Saturday, 6 February 2016

Going Veggie!

Hi Guys!

So for quite a while now I've been thinking about becoming a vegetarian. I have been one before, but I didn't really commit to it very well, as I was only quite young. Now being a lot older and smarter than my younger self, I've decided to try again.
I know the whole process isn't going to happen over night, and it is going to take quite some time for me to fully transition myself into a full vegetarian. But it's something that I want to commit myself too, and make this change in my life.
The reason I want to make this transition is because I am a very big animal lover, and I came to realise that: how can be so passionate about animals and eat them? The thought just occurred to me that I am consuming the very things that I love! I think of it like I am eating one of pets, and it actually just really sickens me. I am aware of all the things that animals have to go through when they are bred in slaughter houses and killed for our consumption. Like I said, I never really actually had the thought that this was what I was eating!

Lets talk about the process.
Cutting something out of your everyday life/diet is always going to be hard, and I think how I am going to start this off is to not cut everything out at once. I'm talking about fish. For the beginning I am still going to eat certain fish, so I'm going to be a pescetarian, and as time goes I will eventually stop eating fish and become a full veggie! Like I said, it's a long process. For some people it could be easier for them to completely cut it all out and become a full vegetarian at the click of a finger. For me i know it's not going to be that straightforward.
I am not going be alone though! I have a friend who is a full veggie, and when I told her that I was going to become one again she got a little excited. This is a very good advantage because I know I have someone to talk about all of it and, if I have any questions or concerns, I have her to ask and be reassured. 
It didn't really go as smooth with Jordan (my boyfriend) and I thought it would though. He was a tiny bit negative at first, but I think that was because he thought this was happening for him too; obviously not! I can understand why he was like that at first though. Something like this not only affects you, but affects the people in your life. They have to make some changes is well when it comes to preparing you food, and it's also like when you want to go a restaurant, and with buying things that aren't tested on animals etc.
After a long discussion though, he came around to the idea and told me that he would support me through it, as well as my family. 
I know there are a few things that will also have to give up other than meat. Take my Doc Martens for example: they are made from leather and I shouldn't really be wearing them around if I'm a vegetarian. But this is all the big process I am going to have deal with. Same with my skincare, makeup and miscellaneous things in my life.
I think the one thing that triggered this was the lose of my cat Jasmine. She went missing and we still haven't found her, so I was in this kind of depression about it all, and this is where this all came from. It's heartbreaking to animal owner to think about what's happened to their pet when they suddenly go missing, and I kind of think about eating meat in this sense. I don't want to be apart of the torture that happens to all of the innocent animals, just for the pure ignorance of us human beings.

In the overall, I just wanted to share this with you guys, and it would help if you have any advice or tips that could help me in my journey of becoming a vegetarian. I will let you know how I get on and keep kind of an updated diary for you all.
One website that really helped me in my decision, was the Vegetarian Society. They provide so much information on what it takes to become a veggie and how it helps with your diet and lifestyle. If you want to check out the website click here.

To leave on a nice note, here is a picture of my new kitten and house mates cat.

Friday, 30 October 2015


I thought I would do a OOTD for you guys today!
It's only be a short post, as it was just a quick decision.
This has been one of my favourite outfits to wear through autumn, as it's so comfy and keeps you just toasty enough.
I apologise for the awkward body language and amatuer posing.

Turtleneck - Primark, £6.
Pinafore - Dorothy Perkins, £25.
(I wore my black Doc Martens on my feet, and Rimmel's Caramel Cupcake on my nails)

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Simple Illuminating Radiance Cream Review

Today I'm going to be gracing you all with another review, and today's is going to be the Simple Kind to Skin Illuminating Radiance Cream!

The first thing I'd like to kick off with is Simple is probably my most favourite skincare brand, because every time I have brought and used one of their products I've never had anting bad to say about them. I've never had any breakouts or problems with my skin (since I have quite sensitive skin). It's such a caring brand and they always sell that through their products.

The product itself comes in a bottle like tube, with a press down pump. (I especially love the pastel yellow on the bottle and box!) The packaging is so lightweight and slim, that it's so convenient to take with you when you go on holiday because it takes up so little space in your bag. I get quite dry skin, especially on and around my nose and my cheeks, and since using this every morning, I have noticed a great difference in my skin!
I put this on after I've cleansed and washed my face in the morning, and I like to wear it under my makeup also.
The cream has a very nice creamy consistency, and it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy; which I have found some creams do. This starts to moisturise your skin as soon as you apply it. I found that it takes about two minutes for it to completely soak and soften into your skin. A little goes a very long way! So you don't have to apply so much to your face. I would recommend applying a fair amount first, and then if need be that you have to apply more, then do so!
I know that if you apply to much of this product when it's not needed, then you find it leaving your face a fair bit stick, and we don't want that!
The only thing I feel critical about this product is that I feel like it's maybe a bit too glittery. When I apply it to my face sometimes, it looks as though I'm wearing body glitter on or something. I don't know if like this because of the fact that it's light reflecting. That is probably my only critique with this product, but overall I absolutely love it! 
I would defiantly recommend you give it a try!

Have a lovely day!
Kerri x

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

100+ Blog Followers!

So I recently reached 100+ followers on Bloglovin'! This is such a huge achievement for me, and I would just like to thank all of you for following, commenting and reading my blog! Some people might think that it's not that much, or it's not such a big deal, but for me it is.
To say I only started my blog as a hobby and didn't even think I'd reach 10 followers let alone 100! It always makes my day when you all comment or email me, and again I would just want to thank you so much! I try so hard and put so much effort into making my blog the best it can be for you guys, so if there is anyhting you think I can improve on or have anything you would like to point out, please let me know!
I also I want to start to interacting and chatting more through my twitter, so feel free to follower me on twitter, which you can find by clicking here. Or my username is @_KerriLM.

Thank you for following me and I hoped you enjoyed this post! Have a wonderful day!

Kerri x

Friday, 31 July 2015

Recent Book Purchases

How has your week been? It feels like a while since I've talked to you all!

Today I'm going to be doing a book haul you can say.
I purchased a couple of books this week and I thought I would share them with you! I brought all of these off Amazon and I'll link them all for you (if you're interested in reading them that is).

So the first book I brought was Half Wild by Sally Green.
This is the second book in the Half Bad trilogy. I've been waiting so long for this to come out, and as you can tell by my book mark in the picture above, I've already started reading it! I would describe it to be a supernatural book, because of the involvement of witches and spells. I'm not sure what age category it falls under, but I really enjoy it and I'm 20! It would be suitable for a younger age. I really like the dialogue in which Sally Green writes in. She writes in way to explain everything, e.g. 'I sit down at the table. Pick up my glass. I drink the water', you get the picture. The main character, Nathan, is character which I think has such a good story behind him. 
I don't want to spoil it for anybody who wants to read it, so I'll stop there.
I am really enjoying the second book, and the further I read into it, more and more things come into light. 
I would recommend you give this a read!

The second on the list is Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins.
I know that there is a second book, which is Miss Mayhem, and it is out as a hardback, but not paperback yet. I actually didn't seek out this book. It actually came on my suggestions and I thought I would have a look. I really liked the sound of it by reading the blurb, and I watched some reviews about it on YouTube. I thought I would give it a go!
Another thing that drew me to it too, had to be the front cover. I really love the dangerously pretty picture, with the ribbon pearl necklace hanging off a knife. I am so looking forward to reading it!

So every now and then I do this thing where I get someone to choose a book for me, in this case Jordan, and I kind of have a blind date with a book. I first saw the idea for it on tumblr. I loved the concept of it and I've been doing it for a little while now. The books have never failed to surprise me! The last one I read, my mum chose for me and I absolutely loved it!
In this case, I just got Jordan to pick one for me by going through my suggestions on Amazon. He chose this one (obviously), I've read the blurb and it sounds like a really good read. I don't want to ruin it for myself, so I haven't searched for it at all, so I have no idea if its got a sequel, or anything!
I'm very keen and excited to read it once I've finished Half Wild. 

Thank you for reading again! And I hope I didn't dribble on too much!

Kerri x

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My Usual Makeup Routine

So first thing I want to say is that I called this 'my usual makeup routine' and not 'my daily makeup routine' because I don't really tend to do my makeup everyday. So I'm just going to go through my makeup routine when I usually do it. Also, I'd just like to say that I love doing interactive posts like this with you all, because I like to share something with you and I also find that it sometimes gives some people tips or know how to whomever is reading it. I find it really help full reading peoples makeup routines or other routines as such because I'll take on board some of the things they do or try some of them out to see if it works out for me.
Anyway, enjoy my makeup routine!
(Sorry for ranting)   

Before any makeup gets a chance to touch my face, I wash and cleanse it with the Nivea Cleansing Mousse (for normal&combination skin). This washes out any pores and dirt that have accumulated while I've been asleep. This never fails to leave my face awake and refreshed! (I also use it just before I go to bed). Once my face is dry, I apply the Nivea Day Cream as a sort of first base to my makeup. I love using this product in my makeup routine because as I apply layers of cosmetics on my face, it is always feels smooth and not irritated. It helps my skin feel comfortable through out the day.

With my face all cleansed and ready for my makeup, I apply the Loreal Paris Lumi Magique Primer. A little of this always goes a long way, so I never have to apply so much and it has this shimmery like complexion, so it always enhances the radiance of my face once I've applied my foundation. I love how in pictures my face always glows when I'm wearing it under your foundation, so it gives me a flawless complexion.
After priming my face I use Rimmel London's Wake Me Up Foundation and use my flat headed foundation brush to slowly work it into my face. I find using a flat headed foundation brush as apposed to a normal 'paint brush' foundation brush works better as it looks more smooth on my skin, and doesn't just build up and look cakey. This foundation has a nice natural and smooth texture, which is why it's quickly become one of my life staples!
I then go ahead and dot a small amount of Rimmel London's Wake Me Up Concealer to the inner corners of my eyes, and gently smooth over the dark circles under my eyes and to any imperfections on my face.

To settle my foundation, I lightly go over the whole of my face and the top of my neck with the BarryM Flawless Matte Perfecting Powder. 
I fill in my eyebrows with Rimmel's Brow This Way Brow Sculpting Kit. I only use the waxy side and rarely the powder side because I think the waxy side works more with my eyebrows, colour and texture.

I then move onto contouring my face. I have two ways of doing this, depending on how I'm feeling and what look I want to go for, I use two different products. If I want my face to look more defined and stand out, I will use BarryM's Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit, applying it with my flat angled brush. If I want to go for a more softer look, I will just use Rimmel London's Sun Shimmer Compact Powder, in the shade medium. I'll only lightly highlight my cheeks when I'm using this. I have tried to use cream contours before, but I am just not skilled enough to pull it off to be honest!
Lastly, I will apply a blush to the apples of my cheeks; this is usually a Rimmel blush, in the shade Pink Rose.

Then begins the pain staking task of doing my eyeliner! I have so much trouble getting my flicks the same! (I know I'm not the only one) And usually it takes me a while to decide how thick/dramatic I want to draw them. I favour between which liquid eyeliner I use. Currently it's the BarryM Liquid Eyeliner.
Once again, depending on how bold I want my eyelashes, I'll use two different mascaras. It will either be The Colossal Volume Express when I want big eyelashes, or Wake Me Up Wonderful (not too sure if that's right) Mascara if I just want to a more natural looking lashes. The best thing about this mascara, and what I love, is that it smells like cucumber as it has cucumber extracts, and it just smells wonderful!

The final thing I do is moisturise my lips with a little Vaseline and then put on a lipstick, and my current favourite at the minute is Rimmel's Colour Rush Lip Pencil, in the shade All You Need Is Pink.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my usual makeup routine!

Kerri x

Friday, 26 June 2015

I'm Back!

So I know I've been gone for a while know, but I have  a reason!
As college started to draw to an end I have assignments up to my eyeballs to hand in! I had to really focus on getting those all done and handed in (I did), and at the end of the year we have a fashion show to showcase all the fashion students work. So there was that to. But I've finished one year and successfully passed (woo!). Now I have all summer to start blogging again!
So I'll be seeing you guys real soon!

Kerri x

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Models Own, Speckled Egg Collection

So today I'm going to be giving a short review for the Models Own speckled egg collection (As you already know by the title).
Since it was such a lovely day, I decided to grab my camera and shoot some photo's outside. With the help of Lily of course:

Nail paint is probably one of the things I obsess over (makeup wise) and I have always been in between with Models Own brand because It's like they will bring out new collections, and some of them I'll really like, but a lot of the time I'll try some out and I'm not really keen. They do have some interesting collections, like the fruit pastel collection (I'm still yet to try!) which sound absolutely amazing! But by far my favourite collection has to be speckled egg.
I first bought the goose colour (the yellow one) and I was so excited to try it!
When I painted my nails they just looked so cute and my nails were transformed into some mother gooses little babies. I went straight back out and bought the whole collection!
The colours remind me a lot of spring and those little chocolate eggs you get for Easter. The paint goes on very easily, I only have to use about two coats, but probably the only downside to this collection is removing it!
Because it has tiny and big bits of glitter to give the speckled affect, that when it comes to taking it off all the glitter sticks to your nails. Once you get all the paint off you're just left loads of glitter that I usually have to soak my nails in nail varnish remover, then still I have to scratch the remaining bits off. It's a little bit of annoyance, but I am still really adore this collection!

What are your favourite nail paint collections?

Kerri x

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Q&A With Vintgeheartsxo!

So today I'm going to be doing a Q&A with my dear friend Megan! Who also has her own blog and you can find it by clicking onto her name.

We've been blogging together and we thought we'd give each other a Q&A to help all you guys get to know us and to share.

Q1: What’s your full name and blog name?
A: Megan Zoe Louise Chapman and my blog name is Vintageheartsxo

Q2: What’s your blog about and how long have you been blogging?
A: My blog is mainly based around make-up but I want to start adding fashion and lifestyle into it, and I've been blogging properly since the beginning of this year but had my blog since 2013.

Q3: What’s your favourite band/artist currently?
A: Ooh too many! But I'll say either 5 Seconds of Summer (Off to see them in June!) Banks or Kodaline.

Q4: What’s your daily routine like?
A: My daily routine is far too boring but hey! I wake up and slowly start to get ready, I then go to work for most of the day (Kills me!) and when I get home I get changed into my pj's and snuggle watching Netflix or writing a blog post.

Q5: How would you describe yourself?
A: I would say the best way to describe me is short, quiet and determined.

Q6: What’s your idea of a day off?
A: My day off would involve a lie in and definitely shopping!

Q7: What’s your favourite makeup brand currently?
A: I would probably have to say it's Max Factor at the moment.

Q8: Do you have a guilty pleasure, if so what is it?
A: I'd probably say listening to really old albums or songs and having a sing a long (I cannot sing at all!)

Q9: What outfit do you wear the most?
A: I'd probably say anything black and white – they’re the only colours you see me in.

Q10: Do you have any pets?
A: Yes I have a cavalier king Charles named Elle and 2 leopard Gecko's, One named Oscar and the other called Taz.

Q11: Favourite nail paint/brand?
A: I'd have to say Barry M or Models Own.

Q12: What item of makeup do you wear the most of?
A: I'd have to say liquid eyeliner or lipstick.

Q13: Favourite food and drink? (Hot or cold)
A: Food – Anything which involves pasta
Drink – hot chocolate with cream.

Q14: Who do you text the most?
A: Either Luke (My Boyfriend) or Kerri (The person who writes this blog!)

Q15: When was the last time you attempted something, but it didn’t go quite to plan?
A: This is the only thing I can actually think of – I'm trying to save for a car but each time I start I spend my money on make-up or clothes.

Q16: Who do you most look up to?
A: I'd probably have to say my mum definitely.

Q17: Pick a song that describes you.
A: I can't really think of one specific so I'm picking a song which when I hear just cheers me up, which would be Milk by The 1975 (love this song so much!)

Q18: What one thing couldn’t you live without?
A: This could be so many things but I'll say music – simply because this changes my mood so much.

Q19: What’s your favourite childhood memory?
A:  I'd say all the holiday's when I was younger, as these were the days when I had no worries and enjoyed everything.

Q20: Finally, what do you enjoy most about blogging?
A: I have to say blogging is something I love doing as I'm quite a quiet person but when I'm blogging I know I can share how I'm feeling or what I'm enjoying and someone somewhere will like or feel the same way. I also love how you can meet people who love the same things as you and they can live at the other side of the world (its mind blowing!)

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb Review

So today I'm going to another Lush bath bomb review.
Today's is going to be Phoenix Rising:

This bath bomb, as you can see, is a beautiful shimmering purple and gold colour. It contains Cinnamon, Shea butter Jojoba oil and Beaumont oil. This bath bomb is supposed to relax and soften your skin, leaving you refreshed! 
It has a rich scent of Cinnamon, which always reminds me of Christmas.
When I first dropped this into my bath it took a second for to to start bubbling away, but once it did it started to give of a sweet purple colour. The scent of Cinnamon started to be given off and little pieces broke away. 
Once the bath bomb began to dissolve fully, a green started to mix in with the purple and it created a stunning midnight purple colour. I also started to notice that glitter was pouring in too.

I would say this bath bomb is a really good relaxing agent! Bathing in it is very relaxing and the smell of Cinnamon soaks into your skin. All the oils are so good for leaving your skin soft and pampered. If your are all about scents and smells I would recommend that you buy this. 
It's a great luxury and I am definitely buying this again! Adding bath salts with this would be a great combination to relax with, or even adding the bath bomb Butterball.
It's always great to experiment with Lush products - especially bath bombs!

Do any of you mix bath bombs together? If so, which ones work the best together?

Kerri x